Computers Communicate

Steve Jobs, one of the people who invented the Macintosh computer, has said that the Internet changes the way we use computers -- from devices for computation to devices for communication. Like telephones, computers are another means of sending messages to one another.

And anyone who has spent hour after hour sending and forwarding emails, yakking in a chat room or sending instant messages knows how true that is!

The Telephone Company for Computers

When you want to talk to someone, no matter where on the planet, you pick up the phone and use the services of the telephone company. The voice of the person you call is sent through the network to the receiver of your phone for you to hear; likewise, your voice is sent back to the person you called. You hear each other as though you were both in the same room.

When you want to communicate using your computer, you use the Internet -- the Internet is the telephone company for computers. The Internet brings a world full of distant computers into the same room as you.

Surfing and Publishing

The Internet not only brings the world's computers to you, it brings your computer, and its files of words, pictures, sound, and motion, to the world. When you publish on the Web, the world is your audience. Much like publishing on paper, you arrange your words and pictures in a pleasing manner to form a communication. Only rather than printing, copying, and distributing your message on paper, you free it from that constraint and let it zip electronically across the planet to anyone who requests it. If you save your files of words, pictures, sound and motion in the right format and place them on a web server, anyone else, no matter where on the planet, can see them too.

You already know how to peek at the files of words, pictures, sound and motion created by others -- all you do is surf the Web. This guide will show you how to organize your own files so that people can peek at your material too!

Communication - the Genius of the Internet

Communication is the genius of the Internet. The power to publish on the Web is yours. Let's see how to use it.


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